A new app has been launched to enable farmers to identify weed and disease threats in their fields.

Using instant photo recognition, algorithm and data sharing technology, the free app will enable growers and agronomists to use their smart phones to accurately diagnose issues and select the appropriate treatments.

Crop Scouting is time-consuming and requires detailed knowledge. The new app will enable farmers to calculate leaf damage using just a photo taken with a smartphone.

Supported crops for the app include wheat, barley and oilseed rape. A community-based radar functionality shows farmers which threats are in their surrounding area.

Louis Wells, solutions and services manager at BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division said: “We know many farmers in the UK are eager to adopt new methods that can help them improve crop quality and increase yields.

“With the newly launched localised version of the xarvio Scouting app, we are pleased to bring world-class expertise in digital farming technology, data analysis and artificial intelligence into the hands of growers across the UK.”

The xarvio Scouting app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.