The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Tuesday, May 28 is as follows. The total stock was 1889 head.

Prime cattle to £1,363.17, barren cows to £1,160.90 and prime lambs to £99.50.

62 Prime and untested forward cattle. Auctioneer's Comments:

(48) UTM & (14) OTM Prime Cattle.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a short post Bank Holiday entry of prime cattle at 62 head met another solid trade, however there were no best types to hit former highs.

Better quality Limousin heifers from J & J Meaker & Son, Langport, met calls of 204.5, 202.5, 193.5 and 189.5ppk. Good dairy bred Limousin heifers at 188.5 and 187.5ppk from W Johnson & Son, Dalwood. Further Limousin heifers at 187.5 and 182.5ppk from JM Darby, Bishops Lydeard.

Steers rose to 205.5ppk for a smart shape Limousin from JM Darby again. Well fleshed dairy bred Limousin at 188.5ppk from W Johnson & Son again. Better Charolais steer at 182.5ppk from BA Richards, Williton. Blue steer at 180.5ppk from J Coleman & Sons, West Stafford. Angus steer also at 180.5ppk from PRS & EB Scott, Axbridge.

Steers sold to £1,363.17 and £1,348.65 for OTM steers from GH Cavill & Sons. UTM steers sold to £1,257.43 for a 689kg Charolais from BA Richards, who sold another at £1,187.48 (669kg). Lightweight (598kg) Limousin at £1,228.89 from JM Darby.

Heifers topped at £1,319.03 for a Limousin from J & J Meaker & Son, who sold others at £1,286.78, £1,277.78, £1,209.01 and £1,122.77. Charolais at £1,238.55 from BA Richards and further Limousin at £1,140.19, RP Tucker & Son, Middlezoy. 110 Barren cows and cull stock bulls. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large entry of 110 cull cattle met a very firm trade to 136.5ppk for a younger Charolais cow from W Hilborne & Son, Wells, who sold another at 130.5ppk. Devon at 129.5ppk from BJ Wensley, Bridgwater. Simmental at 124.5ppk from M Hunt, Sampford Peverell. Better sucklers 120ppk plus.

Sucklers sold to £1,160.90 for a Simmental from B Jeffery, Oakford. Charolais at £1,139.27 and £1,087.91 from W Hilborne & Son. Simmental at £1,105.56 from M Hunt. Devon at £1,091.69 from BJ Wensley.

Dairy breeds rose to 127.5ppk for a younger 806kg Holstein cow from D & I Dyer, Yarcombe. Good meat black and whites at 125.5 (Fri) Ireosa Ltd, Winterbourne Abbas, 125ppk (Hol) GH Cavill & Sons, Shoreditch; 124.5 (Hol) The Colgrove Partnership, St Austell; 123.5 (Hol) MM & EH Lucas, Puckington; 120.5 (Fleckvieh) P & N Tapp, Washford and 120.5ppk (Hol) AA, L & R Johnson, Ilminster. Many better steakers 110 to 119.5ppk. Plain cows 100ppk plus. Very plain 70ppk Bones below.

Dairy breeds sold to £1,118.21 for a Holstein from GH Cavill & Sons. Others £1,033.35 The Colgrove Partnership; £1,027.65, D & I Dyer; £1,001.59, MM & EH Lucas and £1,001.41, GH Cavill & Sons again. Many meat cows £900 plus.

1704 Finished lambs and hoggs. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large entry of 1519 lambs sold to a much dearer trade for all presented, although the overfat types continue to meet resistance. The best sold to 243ppk from W & S Bougourd. Others 242 and 239ppk from M Wall; 242ppk from P & S Eckett; 241ppk from RJ Whitcombe; 240ppk from RE Webber and RJ Willcox Ltd; 239ppk from BD Elworthy and 238ppk from RD Willcox, GB & AE Pearce, CL Popham, TK Farms, NJ & HM Baker and JP Stone.

Top prices were £99.50 from R Chaddock. Others £99 from MJ Chilcott and NP Marshall; £98.50 from JR & R Williams and J Osborne; £98 from GR Baker & Son, M Wall and S Larder and £97.50 from BAV & JE Scriven and CHJ Atwell & Sons. Overall average £92.81.

A much smaller “tail end” entry of 185 hoggs sold to a very similar firm trade. The best sold to 189ppk from AJ Crabb. Others 185ppk from MB & KN Crabb and WAM Lee and 184ppk from LJ Vowles.

Top prices per head were £97 (x2) and £90 (x2) from J Baker. Others £95, £92 and £90 (x2) from MB & KN Crabb and £90 from M Froom. Overall average £82.41.

13 Cull ewes and rams. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report sold to £70 from P Nicholls, CJ Fowler and RD Willcox.