The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, May 25 is as follows. The total stock was 5243 head.

58 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a similar entry saw quality in considerable demand with purchasers from Cornwall to Derbyshire. The trade for the best heifers was not matched by the trade for the second quality.

Top of the day £1980 and £1830 for super non pedigree heifers from AP Ractliffe, Gloucester. Other heifers to £1900, £1770 and £1600 all from P Snell; £1740 from PD & SA Godfrey; £1700. M & K Churchill & Son and £1650 from Snook Ltd.

Best cows (which were in short supply) sold to £1740 from Deptford Farm. Others to £1300 from Snook Ltd for a Dairy Shorthorn. Ayrshire heifers to £1440 from AP Ractliffe.

Jersey heifers to £840 from TG & MG Wooff & RG & E Powell. A good run of incalf heifers from CJ Morley, Brinkworth sold to £1320 and £1300, when others sold to £1220 and £1200.

1346 Store cattle, sucklers and stirks. 847 Store cattle and grazing cows. Auctioneer's Comments:

For Saturday 1 June 2019:- 60 day PMT date: 2 April 2019 (count day after injection as 1 and day of sale as 60). Farm Assured – sell before 29/35 months. Non Assured – sell before 26/32 months. Unfed as yearlings – sell before 20 months

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a massive end of May entry of 847 store cattle, part of 1346 with the stirks, grazers and sucklers, still met a good trade for the best, however trade went with quality, when better type cattle were in short supply.

Best, strong steers in very short supply and rose to £1335 for a feeding Charolais (24m & FA) from KD Browse, Sampford Peverell, who sold further Charolais steers at £1275 (24m & FA) £1220 (24m & FA) £1175 (22m & FA) and £1025 (22/24m & FA). Further Charolais £1100 (25m & FA) D & I Dyer, Yarcombe and £1030 (6x 21/23m) SJ & MG Payne, South Molton. Limousin steers rose to £1255 (25m & FA) from EMC Bax, Wadebridge. Stronger Limousins £1195 (4x 19/24m & FA) £1160 (24m & FA) and £1125 (7x 19/24m & FA) D & I Dyer again; £1185 (25m & FA) J Strawbridge, Offwell; £1160 (34m & FA) and £1070 (31m & FA) ML & EE Edwards, Wick St Lawrence and £1145 (24m & FA) PA Strawbridge, Offwell. Blue steers peaked at £1250 (25m & FA) J Strawbridge, Offwell. Others £1225 (3x 31m & FA) ML & EE Edwards again; £1195 (21m & FA) EMC Bax again; £1180 (23m & FA) and £1175 (only 15m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve; £1115 (24m & FA) MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor and £1110 (29m & FA) EMC Bax again. Simmental steers sold to £1180 (31m & FA) ML & EE Edwards again. Others £1170 (25m) Adams Bros, Clayhidon and £1105 (24m & FA) EMC Bax again. Blonde steer at £1105 (19m & FA) S & KA Hamlin, Templeton.

Native steers continue on a very strong trade to £1205 for well fleshed Angus (4x 24m & sires) FL Newall & Son, Mapperton. Further forward Angus £1140 (5x 19/22m, FA & sires) and £1015 (5x 17/18m, FA & sires) WR Strawbridge & Son, Dolton; £1135 (5x 24/28m & sires) and £1030 (6x 21/24m & sires) SJ & MG Payne, Knowstone; £1110 (3x 25/26m & sires) WR & NA Rich, Northleigh; £1080 (19m & sire) G Barnes, Whitchurch Canonicorum; £1060 (7x 21/23m, FA & sires) and £1050 (4x 22/23m, FA & sires) Snook Ltd, East Coker; £1055 ( only 14m & sire) £965 (3x only 12/14m & sire) and £900 (3x only 13m & sires) S Carter, Nancledra; £1055 (25/27, FA & sire) and £1000 (4x 26/29m, FA & sire) MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor; £1050 (21m & sire) E Parkinson, Holnest and £1030 (6x 16/18m, FA & sire) A Male & Sons, Kingsbury Episcopi. Hereford steers peaked at £1150 (23m & FA) D & I Dyer again. Others £1045 (29/30m, FA & sire) SL & S Cole, Calverleigh and £1015 (7x 20/22m, FA & sires) A Male & Sons again.

Dairy bred steers wanted to £925 for a well grown Holstein (29m & FA) MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor. Fleckvieh at £920 (14m & FA) JD Burrough, Sidmouth. Further £870 (3x 25/26m) EJ & ACM Lockyer, Aller. Further big frame Holsteins £875 (24/28m & FA) £835 (9x 23/26m & FA) £825 (8x 23/26m & FA) £775 (3x 23/29m & FA) and £760 (9x 21/28m & FA) all D & I Dyer again; £820 (22m & FA) PD & SA Godfrey, Lopen; £795 (20m & FA) DW Hewlett, Queen Camel; £780 (4x 28m & FA) AR Fewings, Somerton and £750 (4x 27/29m & FA) RW Bowden, Muddiford.

Best and heavy heifers in short supply also by a grand Blue from ML & EE Edwards, Wick St Lawrence, hit £1175 (30m & FA). Finished Blues at £1090 (19m & FA) £1050 (only 14m & FA) and £1020 (18m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. Others to £950 (27/29m & FA) RW Bowden again. Limousin heifers topped at £1140 for a fit type (31m & FA) from D & I Dyer, who sold another at £1080 (23m & FA). Others £1070 (3x 24/25m & FA) PA Strawbridge; £1065 (20/21m & FA) CMC Bax; £1050 (24m & FA) J Strawbridge, Offwell;£1000 (18m) FJ & CN Burrough, Wambrook; £1000 (16m & FA) Redwood & Son, Clayhidon; £980 (24m & FA) DG Barrow, Molland and £965 (20m & FA) J Stott, Westbury Sub Mendip. Charolais at £1080 (22m & FA) D & I Dyer again.

Native heifers sold to £1080 also for an Angus for a fit type (32m & sire) from E Parkinson, Holnest. Further good Angus £1055 (21m, FA & sire) and £1015 (5x 18/22m, FA & sires) WR Strawbridge, Dolton and £935 (20m, FA & sires) JH Balment & Son, Brayford.

Fleshed Fleckvieh heifers at £1060 (7x 30/34m & FA) RJ, EM & CJ Puddy, East Huntspill, who sold another at £1035 (29m & FA) and a bunch at £855 (6x 30/33m & FA). Further Fleckvieh £885 (5x 20/24m & FA) JC Edwards, Drimpton.

Holstein heifers to £705 (4x 32/35m & FA) RJ, EM & CJ Puddy again.

46 Suckler cows, calves and stock bulls. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a huge weekly suckler entry as suckler vendors continue to reduce numbers saw a 2007 Charolais with 25 day old Charolais heifer calf top at £1000 from C & S Sully, Dunster. 2014 pedigree Hereford with 8m Hereford steer calf at £980 from Z Cambridge, Winterbourne, who also sold Pedigree incalvers to £900. 2010 Sussex with 1m Blue heifer at £900, WE Biss, Yarley. Blue heifer with 17 day Hereford bull calf at £900, EJ Tothill, Chard. Older Hereford stock bull at £1000 from Stoneridge Farm, Gloucester.

20 Grazing cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of grazing cows rose to £910 for a warm Angus (FA) from PD & SA Godfrey, Lopen, who sold a lean Blue (FA) at £885. Further Angus £900 (FA) DM Ruell, Clatworthy and £880 (FA) Redwood & Son, Clayhidon. Very lean Blue £865, RW Biss, Yarley. Further Blue £840, LJ Hall, Walton. Fit Galloway £815, FL Newall & Son, Mapperton. Fit Devon £790, LJ Hall again.

453 Busk calves and stirks. Auctioneer's Comments:

Pre movement test required for Saturday 1 June 2019 if born on or before 20 April 2019. Please try and register all named sires on the passport and detail sire on the entry form. Please can Vendors make every effort to pre-book by email or by phone 01278 410278. Buyers do look at our website pre-entered stock page.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good bank holiday entry of stirks saw a continuation of the fast trade for the best. Heifers, natives in particular, were selective due to the large number forward.

Top price steer to £970 (14m) for a Charolais from M Olof, who sold others to £800 (13m) and £685 (6m). Further Charolais to £785 x3 (13m) £780 (13m) £775 (13m) and £770 x3 (13m) Maddock & Son; £770 (12m) EH & RL Leyshon; £755 (11m) DC & SA Martin and £635 x4 (10m) D Brice. Limousins to £820 (13m) Maddock & Son again, who sold others to £765 (13m) and £725 (12m). Further Limousins to £735 (12m) and £680 (10m) EH & RL Leyshon. British Blues to £765 (13m) and £735 (13m) Maddock & Son again. Further British Blues to £750 (10m) £730 (8m) and £680 (7m) RW Biss; £665 x2 (11m) GS & SM Emmett and £655 (9m) JWO Marsh & Partners.

Simmentals to £752 (6m) Brookfield Livestock. Herefords to £740 (12m) KJ Withers, when others sold to £645 (13m) and £600 x3 (12m) HME Gulliford. Blondes to £725 x5 (12m) RM Prouse. Angus to £670 x2 (8m) DR Thomas, when others sold to £660 (12m) Wookey Bros. Devons to £600 J Beach, when other pure bred Devons sold to £540 x5 R Toon.

A large entry of bulls sold to a top of £740 (12m) for a Charolais from FJ Hayes & Sons. Young Limousin bull to £655 (6m) MT & K Jackson.

Heifers sold to a top of £785 (14m) for British Blues from MR & UM Lee & Son, who sold others to £695 (9m) and £595 (9m). Further British Blues to £650 (8m) £620 (7m) WR Biss; £555 (15m) M Scribbens and £535 x2 (12m) NJ Broom & Sons. Limousins to £710 x2 (12m) EH & RL Leyshon who sold others to £585 x5 (13m). Further Limousins to £640 (10m) £545 x3 (10m) C Jones; £605 (14m) MR & KM Lee & Son; £595 (10m) £510 (6m) Brookfield Livestock and £550 x4 (11m) FA Kingcott & Son. Charolais to £660 x2 (9m) MR & KM Lee & Son; £590 x4 (12m) M Olof; £580 (9m) and £575 x5 (11m) EH & RL Leyshon. Angus to £760 M Olof. Herefords to £640 (13m) £535 (8m) and £525 (8m) K Withers. South Devons to £595 x3 (13m) and £500 x5 (12m) JA & YJ Hopkins.

408 Non export calves. Auctioneer's Comments:

Beef Breeds (333) – not able to be exported from market.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry met a similar trade when the best continue to be in good demand but the lower quality calves are still hard work, as buyers are cautious at this time due to uncertainty over food stocks over this Summer. Top of £380 for a superb suckler bred Blonde bull from E Davis. Blues also hit the £380 mark for a month old calf from TW & JC Cross. Others £370 from MC Clothier Partnership; £355 from NF Clothier & Sons and £322 from S Durston. Charolais to £360 from MJ & DA Johnson and £350 x2 from PD & JL Biss. Simmentals to £320 and £270 from R Hares and £260 from DG Ham. Limousins to £308 from DG Bartlett and £292 and £272 from HT & ME Quick. Best continental bulls £300 plus, mediums £200-£250 and plainer types around £150.

Heifers to £335 for a Blue from JA Clarke. Others £290 from MC Clothier Partnership; £290 from SE & TL Lye and £288 from JWO Marsh & Partners. Charolais to £305 from E Davis; £290 NF Clothier & Sons and £252 from SJ Hall & Son. Best heifers £240 plus, mediums £160-180. Plainer types hard top place.

Native bulls to £300 for Hereford from RW, JA & AW Barton. Other Herefords to £285 from House & Sons and £255 from W Warren & Son. Angus to £300 from MRG Taylor; £292, £280 and £276 from NF Clotheir & Sons and £250 from RA Wilkins & Son. Native heifers to £250 for Hereford from W & C Lasbury. Others £235 and £200 from RW, JA & AW Barton and £190 and £180 from JN Wyatt. Angus to £200 from NJ Broom & Sons; £170 from NF Clothier & Sons and £165 from CG, GR & MS Spiller.

Friesians (75) – not able to be exported from market.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the 75 dairy sired bull calves forward continue to be fought for to a top of £145 from Seaborough Manor Ltd. Others £140 from W & C Lasbury; £132 from Knapp Farm Ltd and £118 from AD Lee. Best rearing types £80 plus, mediums £40-60 and still mostly over £25. Montbeliarde to £158 from SE & TL Lye. Norwegian Reds to £145 SE & TL Lye. Fleckvieh to £125 Manor Farm Dairy Ltd.

3273 Sheep. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (577)

A similar entry of 577 store lambs sold to an easier trade as demand for hoggs dries up. Top price of £90.50 went to LJ Webber for a smart pen of new season lambs. Others to £88.50 from SG Yates; £88 from J Boden; £87.50 from RB Macklin, MJ Buckle and GJ Garland; £87 from WJ Ellicott and ER Gillbard; £85 from RB Macklin; £83.50 from RW Brunt and £83 from F & J Webber. Overall average £65.17.

Cull Ewes & Rams (2008)

A massive entry of 2008 cull ewes and rams sold to another similarly strong trade, when big, overfat ewes were still more difficult than the leaner types. Best continental ewes sold to £114 from E Bright. Others to £111 from RC Burrough & Sons; £104.50 and £103.50 from Y Underwood; £100 from R Foote and DH & SM Churchill; £95 from PA & DE Wyatt and £93.50 from P Tully. Cull rams sold to £112 and £109 from RC Burrough & Sons. Others to £101 from RW Brunt and £98 from KS Beale and RA Reed. Medium ewes £50-£75, plain £25-£50 and boners generally £15 plus.Overall average similar at £69.43.

Couples (269E & 367L)

Numbers starting to reduce, when 269 ewes with 367 lambs at foot were sold to a steadier trade. Doubles sold to £215 (£71.67/life) from JH & HJ Diment, which was closely followed by SM & DM Turner Ltd, who sold their doubles for £198 (£66/life).

Strongest singles to £172 (£86/life) from JH & HJ Diment. 2 ewes with 3 lambs from G Bristow sold at £180 (£72/life) while Beeswax Dyson Farming sold 20 ewes with 24 lambs for £142 (£64.55/life). Overall average reducing to £50.77/life.

Orphans (13)

A few more orphans forward, saw 13 strong types penned. Strong weaned types sold to £49 (x2) and £42 (x3) from DM & GM Ginger. Overall average £35.38.

Goats (36)

An entry of 36 goats sold to £85 from C Ainge, when others sold to £82 and £76 from RG, AJ & JA Habberfield. Overall average £70.72.

158 Pigs. Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report slightly reduced entry sold to a superb trade for all classes.

Weaners (40)

Fewer forward – first class trade with the best to £50 for stronger weaners from D Green and others from the same Vendor to £43. £42 for 10 w/o from GR Davis and £38 from S Ashman.

Cull Sows & Boars (18)

Strong trade throughout – More required to satisfy buyer's requirements. Top of the day £198 from D Woodland. Medium sows to £172 from RJ Maltby. Boars to £102 from AP & PC Rose.

Breeders (2)

Inpig sows from D Green and GR Davis sold to £170 and £125 respectively.

Forward Stores (94)

Another good entry sold to a flying trade – good competition for all weights.

Best of the day £135 for a good run of shapely pigs (approx 110kg) from LE Miller & Son. Closely followed by another good pen from TJ & SH Hobbs to £134.

Strong fat pigs from N Tope & Sons to £130.

Lighter pigs from T Stone to £107.