The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, May 20 is as follows. The total stock was 2759 head.

(74) UTM & (15) OTM Prime Cattle - Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry of 89 prime cattle met a shade dearer trade to 209.5ppk for a very shapely, black Limousin (cross Blue) heifer from CJM Shackleton, Wiveliscombe, who sold another at 196.5ppk and a very shapely lean red Limousin steer at 206ppk. Lightweight adlib steers at 198 (Lim) 193.5 (Lim) and 186.5ppk (Blonde) from MJ Tuckett & Partners, Ide. More very shapely black Blue and Limousin steers at 194ppk twice from RC Loveridge & Son, Axminster. Very lean near pure Limousin steers at 191.5, 189.5 and 181.5ppk from J & DJ Cotterill, Monksilver. Well fleshed dairy bred Limousin at 185ppk from W Johnson & Son, Dalwood. Native steers to 187.5 and 179.5ppk for Angus from Habberfield Bros, North Newton.

Steers sold to £1,392.56 for the Limousin steer (676kg) from CJM Shackleton. Heavy weight Charolais (790kg) at £1,374.60 from CG, GR & MS Spiller, Upottery. Limousin at £1,354.12 and Simmental at £1,304.14 from RC Loveridge & Son, Axminster. Blue steer at £1,318.60 from GG & R Davey, Shepton Mallet. Limousin at £1,311.65 from W Johnson & Son. Devon steer at £1,258.74 from R & G Speed, Axminster. Angus at £1,256.25 from Habberfield Bros.

Further heifers to 198.5 (Blonde) 196 (Charolais) and 183ppk (Charolais) for well fed types from L & A Maddock & Co, Wiveliscombe. More Charolais heifers at 188, 185, 179.5 and 176.5ppk, HWC & JM Butler, Bristol. Limousin heifers at 184ppk twice from DGV & RG Crossman, Street. Further Limousin at 179.5ppk from W Johnson & Son.

Native heifers to 179.5ppk for an Angus from PRS & EB Scott, Axbridge. South Devon at 175.5ppk, Vale Farm Partnership.

Heifers sold to £1,319.33 for a well grown Charolais (735kg) from HWC & JM Butler, who sold others at £1,317.88 (701kg) and £1,235.50 (700kg). Further Charolais heifers at £1,221.08 and £1,165.32 from RE Webber, Stringston. Limousins at £1,204.55 and £1,194.15 (only 570kg) CJM Shackleton. Further Charolais £1,160.22 and £1,117.20, L & A Maddock & Co. Further Limousin £1,140.80, DGV & RG Crossman and a Swedish Red at £1,124.48, CG, GR & MS Spiller.

56 Barren Cows & Cull Stock Bulls - Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry of 56 cull stock met a slightly dearer trade.

Top was 149.5ppk for a superb Limousin cow (FA) from MW & S Edwards, Bristol. Well fleshed Charolais (893kg & FA) from JH, MB & DJ Jewell, Taunton, rose to 148.5ppk. Further well covered Charolais at 138.5 and 133.5ppk (non assured) from DK Weech, Upottery. Well covered Limousin at 133.5ppk (non assured) from EF & MA Cottle, North Brewham. Further native cows at 124.5ppk for an Angus (FA) from R Chaddock, Glastonbury and 120.5ppk for a Hereford from IJ Jennings & Son, Ilminster. Further Limousin at 124.5ppk from R Coate, Broomfield and Charolais at 120.5ppk from EF & MA Cottle again.

Sucklers sold to £1,326.11 for the Charolais from JH, MB & DJ Jewell. Limousin at £1,210.95 from MW & S Edwards. Charolais at £1,072.01 and £1,038.75 from DK Weech, Upottery. Hereford at £1,050.65 from EF & MA Cottle.

Dairy breeds rose to 120.5ppk for a well covered Holstein from JM & SN Faun, Holford, who sold another at 117.5ppk. Heavyweight Holstein (854kg) at 119.5ppk from AJ & RA Turner, Axminster. 698kg Holstein at 116.5ppk from R & J Jones & Son, Stogursey. 643kg Holstein at 113.5ppk from WP Gange & Son, Cheddon Fitzpaine. 655kg Friesian at 113.5ppk also from CR House & Sons, Glastonbury.

Steakers 104.5 to 109.5ppk. Plain cows to 100ppk. Very plain to 70ppk. Cows are likely to be in short supply going forward and more are kindly requested to take advantage of a rising trade.

2585 Finished Lambs & Hoggs - Auctioneer's Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a huge entry of 1816 lambs sold to a very difficult trade and at much lower levels, even with more buyers in attendance. The best sold to 223ppk from JE & LP Reason. Others 221ppk from HWC & JM Butler; 218ppk from TJ & D Thomas; 217 and 213ppk from P & LJ Carnell; 214ppk from JR & RH Williams and MD & KE Lanfear; 213ppk from RA Willcox and KN Groves; 212ppk from WC Fewings and RW Biss and 211ppk from J & JM Hurford, KJ Seymour and ME Kidner. Top prices were £99 and £93 from S Pinn; £98 from RW Biss; £95 and £92 from HWC & JM Butler; £95 from RAC Barton; £91 from T Sandiford Ltd and £90.50 from CD Byrne. Overall average £82.25.

A larger entry of 769 hoggs sold to a much better trade than expected. The best sold to 202ppk (x2) from J Hallett. Others 196 (x2) and 192ppk (x2) from MB &KN Crabb; 194ppk from J Baker and 192ppk from RAC Burton and MP & DM Hine.

Top prices were £108 and £100 from J Baker. Others £103, £101 and £100 (x2) from MB &KN Crabb and £100 from RAC Barton and J Hallett. Overall average £87.20.

29 Cull Ewes & Rams - Auctioneer’s Comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report sold to £80 from MH Wallis and £78 from SGE Hatch & Son to average £63.55.

The next sale is Tuesday, May 28.