Live demonstrations of KUHN Farm Machinery’s patented film binding system are being staged across the country over the summer months, providing many opportunities for farmers to see the award-winning technology in action.

This system uses wrap instead of net binding, thereby improving bale conservation quality whilst simultaneously reducing the burden of recycling.

It won the silver award in the Livestock Innovation category at LAMMA 2019.

Unlike other film binding systems which use wide mantle rolls to perform the bale binding function, the KUHN system uses two standard 750mm stretch film rolls to fully encapsulate the bale.

As well as improving silage preservation and making the recycling of waste plastic easier, this system also reduces plastic usage by up to 30% by pre-stretching the wrapping film by 70% prior to application. Film loading is also quicker and easier as each roll weighs just 27kg, compared to the wider rolls which can weigh between 40-90kg.

The film binding system is available on KUHN’s FBP 3135 BalePack and i-BIO round baler-wrapper combination machines, both of which also use KUHN’s IntelliWrap system which enables the operator to wrap the bale with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 layers of film as appropriate.

Both machines can also be used with conventional net binding: switching between film and net binding is quick and simple as the two systems are separate, with enough space available to carry film and net rolls at the same time, therefore making it easy to switch from one system to the other for different crops or between different fields.