THE South West Farmer Awards 2019 is welcoming a new category sponsor this year, NSF International.

NSF will be backing the Beef Farmer of the Year award at this year's ceremony, which will be held in November.

The award recognises the skills of a beef farmer who has a clear and progressive business plan and has in place programmes and policies for the management of health livestock for breeding, rearing and finishing, coupled with a strong grassland and forage management strategy.

The business will also demonstrate a well-defined marketing approach, with added value a key component clearly evident.

The use of professional advice and services should also be obvious.

NSF International's philosophy is that farming isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life.

With the issues and problems facing the industry, it has skilled teams that work delivering a range of farm assurance audits across the UK to help farmers demonstrate the quality of what they produce.

The farm assurance schemes cover animal welfare, food safety, traceability, provenance and environmental protection so that consumers can be confident that the food they eat is safe and responsibility produced.

NSF works with farmers forming lifelong partnerships with generations in family businesses. Its farming delivery and support teams are people with knowledge and practical experience.

It delivers our services using up-to-date systems which make the process more efficient for all.

In addition to the farm assurance schemes, NSF also offers health and safety audits and a social compliance audit, SMETA, to show your commitment to safety requirements and your ethical recruitment practices on farm.

NSF International proudly supports The Farming Community Network (FCN), which is a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times. It is also the chosen charity of the South West Farmer Awards.

For more information email or call 01993 885 631 or see more online at

The 2019 South West Farmer Awards will be held at the Somerset County Cricket Ground, November 7, from 6.30pm.

For details on ticket sales and nominations please call 01326 213 322 or see more by

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