Devon-based bacon producer Denhay has announced it has switched its products’ packaging to fully recyclable clear trays made from 25 percent recycled plastic.

The company has completely removed black plastic from any retail packs of bacon which will avoid an estimated 60 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from going to landfill.

The new easy-peel packaging is both consumer and environmentally-friendly, as the clear plastic tray can be recycled by most waste management facilities across the UK through local authority recycling schemes. 

Meat products such as bacon must be packed in plastic to ensure they meet food safety standards, however black plastic has been identified as particularly harmful by environmental organisations, as the method used to colour the material means it can’t be recognised by the sorting systems operating in most recycling plants.

Denhay is the first major bacon brand in the UK to have eliminated the use of black plastic product packaging, aiming to bring the company in line with targets set by WRAP’s Plastic Pact.