A new website launched by Kingsbridge local Lucy Baker-Kind aims to help farmers with the Brexit-induced seasonal staff crisis in farming.

With Brexit imminent, there is a great need for companies to source UK-based seasonal staff quickly and efficiently.

Lucy, from South Devon, has a family background in farming and tourism and saw first hand how difficult it was to advertise for seasonal staff.

She said: "I have seen my husband and in-laws searching for seasonal staff every summer for the last 20 years. Advertising for seasonal staff has often involved postcards in windows, local print adverts, or simply word of mouth.

"I wanted to make the process easier for both businesses and job seekers, the majority of which are online-proficient and tech-aware, and who want instant information and quick results."

Lucy has designed an online platform, "Holiday Staff", listing seasonal vacancies across the UK and Europe, through which advertisers receive applications direct from interested seasonal and temporary staff.

She said: "Seasonal work has been undertaken traditionally by migrant workers but, after Brexit, we need to be enticing the UK-based job seekers, with an eye-catching and modern website, where interaction is recommended via a blog and active social media channels.

"We can help everyone, from a family-run small-holding which needs a single member of staff, to a large food producer which requires a workforce of 50 to keep it running smoothly. This could be an essential tool for helping businesses to thrive and survive."

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