Boehringer Ingelheim has announced that its #Calfmatters website has been re-launched making it more valuable and useful for producers, advisors and vets.

Calfmatters will remain an educational resource for anyone with calves be they specialist calf rearer, dairy or beef producers.

Boehringer’s Mathieu Maignan said: “Since it was launched two years ago, #Calfmatters has grown from an educational web resource into a real force for change with leading vets, policy-makers and producers all engaging with its campaign.

"Highlights would be it's stakeholder roundtable meeting in 2018, Calf Health and Welfare Blueprint which was launched at DairyTech, the #Calfmatters survey last August and numerous meetings up and down the country.

“We are striving to make #Calfmatters very much owned by its users; producers, vets and advisors. As such, we undertook a nationwide farmer survey in 2018 to find out what people wanted to improve, develop and share information on. This has driven the new #Calfmatters website.”

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