Letter to the Editor

'We're losing our incredible wildlife at an alarming rate. Between 1970 and 2013, 56 percent of species in the UK declined. Are you worried about this?

Young people around the world have declared an ecological crisis and are demanding governments to listen up. We need raise awareness to the current climate emergency. We at Wedmore YFC are joining NFYFC’s campaign #protectyourfuture and taking “green” action in our rural communities

As chaperones of the land we farm we wish to #protectyourfuture along with the wildlife and climate within.

What are we doing? Wedmore YFC has been awarded 420 tree sapling to be planted on land accessible to the public, or in public areas e.g sports fields, public parks, village halls, pub beer gardens, land accessed via public footpaths etc. Our aim is to create a planting scheme that is suitable to the area being planted not only to boost wildlife but also to be aesthetically pleasing for the public to enjoy e.g an avenue of birch trees, mixed hedge rows, avenues of Oak. As an arborist I can use my knowledge to guide and inform what is best for the area. It is important that areas selected are appropriate for growth of the trees in the future years.

We are looking for areas to plant our trees. Can you help?

Firstly talk to your friends and family, spread the word! Wedmore YFC are looking for areas to plant trees, if you are aware of anywhere or people that can help please get in touch. Send an email to Jack Nicholls at yfcfreetree@gmail.com

If you are willing to help plant, brilliant! Planting will take place in December/January. Please send your details to stay informed on the planting program. You can follow our progress on Facebook search Wedmore YFC.

Thanks for your time, get talking!'

- Jack Nicholls writing on behalf of Wedmore YFC