Farms and estates marketed during the first three months of 2019 have met strong interest from potential buyers despite the current economic and political uncertainty.

According to land and property specialists Brexit uncertainties have led to a more cautious market sentiment among vendors with less land marketed in Q1 than in the past two years, but commercial farmland and residential estates in the right location are in strong demand.

Michael Fiddes, head of estate and farm agency at Strutt & Parker said: “It has been a quiet start to the year in terms of the number of farms that have been launched on to the market, but tight supplies mean that demand remains strong for the right offering.

“We are seeing considerable interest in the 1,900 acres, spread over four farms and estates, that Strutt & Parker has brought to the market in England this quarter, particularly from buyers with rollover money to invest and private and institutional investors."

Mr Fiddes explained that a key trend in the current farmland market is the level of interest from buyers funding their purchase with money generated from a source outside of farming. These range from farmers who have rollover money after selling land for development, to high net worth individuals who want their own slice of the British countryside.

William Morrison, the agency's representative from the South West region said: “We are seeing strong demand from rollover buyers and profitable farmers looking to expand their operations.

"They are mainly focusing on buying larger blocks of bare land and farms where there is a mixed income stream and potential to improve.

"Arable land is ranging from around £7,750 per acre to £11,000 per acre and grassland from £6,000 per acre to £9,000 per acre.

"Once the weather improves and there are leaves on the trees we should see an increase in supply, but not to a level which will impact on prices in the short term.

"Best-in-class farms, where the current owners have invested in improvements, will continue to sell well. Despite the current uncertainties, our recent experience is that demand is certainly there from buyers and sensible pricing is the key to attracting interest.”