Following the warmest Easter weekend on record, fire crews were called out on Monday evening (22 April) to fires that spread over a seven mile area on Dartmoor in 12 separate blazes.

The worst of them had flames stretching over a three-mile front.

South West Farmer:

The fires spread over seven miles in 12 separate blazes. Image: Princetown Fire Station

After an 18 hour battle, the blazes are all finally out thanks to huge efforts by fire services, National Park rangers and local farmers. A police helicopter also assisted.

Over 90 percent of the land within the National Park boundary is used for farming. Much of this area is either open moorland where livestock is grazed or enclosed moorland. The remainder is made up of enclosed farmland which mainly comprises improved grassland. In total 14 square kms of moorland were damaged by this week's fires.

South West Farmer:

After an 18 hour battle, the blazes are finally out. Image: Princetown Fire Station

The area of central Dartmoor where the fires broke out, Nakers Hill, is only accessible using off-road 4x4s.

The full effects are still under investigation, but it is thought that no livestock were effected.

Devon and Somerset Fire Service have said that multiple beaters and misting units were still being used a while later for environmental protection and to prevent any further escalation. This ceased around 16.00 yesterday afternoon.

It has been suggested that some of the fires may have been started by holiday visitors carelessly using BBQs but a full investigation into the cause is still underway between Tavistock Police and the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.