Richard and Sally Reed and their son, Steve, are full partners in their 370-acre dairy farm near Cullompton in Devon.

At the time of winning their category at the 2018 South West Farmer Awards, they had a pedigree Holstein dairy herd of 250 milkers and 250 dairy followers.

The herd averages 10,200 litres a year and are fed a mixed ration of silage, maize and sugar beet-based blend.

The workforce is a family affair, alongside Richard, Sally and Steve are Steve’s wife Kirsty and their two daughters, aged two and four at the time of the award, all involved.

Richard’s father, Colin, is an integral part of the team and Richard and Sally’s daughter, Laura, helps out too.

Her husband, Mike, is also on hand to drive tractors and Richard’s brother-in-law, Andy, also helps out. They also employ a full-time workman and an apprentice.

The family aims to create a name for itself within the Holstein breed.

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