Members of Falmouth Young Farmers’ Club have raised more than £2,500 during their annual Dung Run, with proceeds to be split between the Sunrise Cancer Centre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Breage Pre-School and Falmouth YFC. 

Members bagged more than 1,000 bags of cattle manure, donned their wellies and jumped into their tractors to deliver to gardens, allotments and flowerbeds across Falmouth and its surrounding areas. 

Club chairman Ben Coleman said: "Being a Young Farmer is not just about tractors, cows and flat caps - it's so much more than that." 

"Young Farmers is all about getting to meet like-minded people, to have fun and to learn new skills – and if in doing so, we can benefit local causes - then it makes being a member of YFC even more worth it." 

As one of the 20 clubs that form the Cornwall Federation, Falmouth YFC actively take part in a wide range of its own and county activities including stock judging, pantomime, public speaking, handicrafts and welcome prospective members aged 10-26 to join them. 

The club would like to thank everyone that kindly purchased bags of dung and also to the donors of the dung, the bags and the vehicles for delivering.  

If anyone would like further details on any upcoming events, or are interested in joining the club, please contact Ben Coleman on 07534 682357