'Meggy Moo's' on the edge of Dorset’s Blackmore Vale is launching a new milk vending machine in a bid to be more environmentally friendly.

The swiss-made Milkstation is one of few designed to dispense two types of farm fresh milk, giving the customer the choice of either whole or semi skimmed, fresh from the dairy, which they are able to transfer direct to their own reusable bottles.

The farm launched a reusable glass bottle scheme back in early 2018, which allowed customers to purchase their own glass bottles. These could then be refilled on a pre-order basis. This has proven a big hit with customers.

Local Mum Charlotte Fowler said: "I like being able to support local farmers at the same time as reducing my impact on the environment. The refillable glass bottle scheme helps me to teach my toddler about the importance of reusing and recycling.

"Visiting the farm to collect our milk teaches him where the milk comes from and how it’s made.”

The arrival of the new self-service vending machine will remove the need for pre-ordering, allowing customers to drop by and refill as needed, and say hello to the cows.

Rachael Perrett of Meggy Moo’s dairy said “This is a really exciting development in the way that we sell our farm fresh milk. The vending machine enables our customers to purchase the freshest milk available, with real provenance and no food miles.

"It provides more convenience and also helps to protect the environment by using a refillable bottle or container. We look forward to seeing how our customers embrace the new approach.”