Over 350 of the UK’s most unusual looking ‘fancy’ pigeons will be gathering at The Devon County Show this May. Visitors will be able to stroke many of the birds and find out more about their heritage.

Pigeons available to see at the show will include Tipplers, Ice Pigeons, Show Racers, Exhibition Fantails, Muffed Tumblers, Limerick Tumblers and West of England Tumblers.

The Show’s Pigeon Secretary, Adrian Down, said: "We’ve got breeders coming from all over the country bringing their best examples of some of the finest fancy pigeons in the land".

Mr Down, who has been breeding fancy pigeons since he was seven-years-old, said breeds to see would also include Jacobins, which have glamorous film-star style ruffs around their necks, and the feisty Spanish Modenas, who were originally bred for fighting.

A vintage racing clock will also be on display - the instrument which measures the speed at which racing pigeons complete their flights.

The Show is taking place at the Devon County Showground, Westpoint, from May 16 to 18. Find out more