Visitors to the Royal Agricultural University (RAU)’s lambing weekend in Cirencester were in for a treat as triplet and twin lambs were born at the event!

Farms Director at the University Tom Overbury said: “On Saturday two ewes gave birth, one with triplets and one with twins and on Sunday again two ewes gave birth, one to a single and one to twins. This is not that common, as the ewes normally wait until it goes nice and quiet in the evening".

More than 600 people came over the weekend - twice as many as last year which was affected by snow.

Children were able to get close to the lambs and witness several being born over the two afternoons, adding to the total of 250 to arrive so far this season at the University. Another flock of 140 of the RAU’s ewes – mostly North Country Mules - will lamb in mid-April.

Crowds saw a scanning machine used for checking the number of lambs inside a ewe and enjoyed trailer and tractor rides.

Tom said: “Students were involved with setting up and running the two days, and I had some great feedback from visitors on how conscientious and helpful they all were.

“This is a great opportunity for people to see what we do on the RAU farms and also to learn about how some of our food is produced. We hope to provide something of interest to all age groups.”