THE RSPCA rescued a wandering cockerel from a building site in the middle of Herne Bay.

The chicken was found on a building site in a residential area of the Kent town – far from any farms or smallholdings.

The young bird, which has been named Harris, was in a good condition but was a little underweight when he was spotted by a member of the public in Grange Road, Herne Bay, on Saturday, January 12.

RSPCA Inspector Grace Harris-Bridge, who collected the cockerel, said: “The bird was in a good condition but slightly underweight so could have been missing for a little while. It’s likely he had escaped from his home but I’ve no idea where he came from as there were no farms nearby.

“It’s rare for cockerels to be microchipped and it can be very difficult to track down their owners if they are lost or escape.

“It’s not everyday you come across a cockerel on a building site in the middle of town and I think the member of public who spotted him was quite shocked. This lucky cockerel has now been taken to a farm animal sanctuary.”

Cockerels can be difficult to rehome as any new owners will need understanding neighbours who don’t mind the noise of cockerels crowing. However, chickens can be rewarding to keep and although cockerels can sometimes get a bad reputation for being aggressive and due to the noise of their crowing, with the right care, environment and knowledge, they can be rewarding and fascinating to care for.

Before deciding to keep chickens of any kind it’s important to consider whether you have the knowledge, time, facilities, money and commitment needed to care for them.

Anyone interested in rehoming a cockerel from the RSPCA can find out more about keeping chickens on the RSPCA website and can see all the poultry looking for homes via the charity’s Find A Pet search.

If you recognise this cockerel please contact the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.