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Irish based slurry equipment company Mastek are always looking for ways to innovate.

We spoke to the managing director of Mastek Ltd – Paul Quinn to find out about their very own SuperCut macerator, which was designed and tested in Ireland and is now fitted to all Mastek machines sold into the UK and Worldwide.

Paul was not happy with the performance of other macerators they had been fitting, especially in Ireland where they experience a lot of long fibre in the slurry.

Paul informed us that the SuperCut Macerator features six blades with “unique” V-shaped cutting teeth which, when rotating, will “shear long fibre and plastic” when it passes through the exit holes.

Each hose outlet has an independent one-way air valve, which allows air to enter into the outlet chamber of each outlet on the macerator.

The SuperCut macerator is performing extremely well with customer’s reporting that blockages are rare with some users reporting they are yet to even look inside the macerator after using their new machine for over a year.

To further reduce down time Mastek have manufactured the cutting teeth with nylon centres to reduce friction and wear (shown in the image below).

The cutters are located in a brass bush with a spring pressuring the cutting teeth against the outside wear plate.

Mastek has also developed their own in house built smart phone app.

The app asks the operator to input the flow rate, machine width and desired application rate. The app then tells the operator what speed to travel at to match the slurry requirements per acre.

This simple app can be used offline and is very user friendly.

The company have sales representatives based in Shropshire and Somerset who cover the UK.

For more information about any slurry handling or application products call Ben Willcox on 07930876941