A campaign from H&H Insurance Brokers (HHIB) shows a change in the naming of Collie dogs.

This summer HHIB have been running a competition to name their ad campaign Collie dog. Over 500 entries were received, with more than 100 names suggested, and from the results, it is evident that the traditional Collie dog names may be diminishing. The name which became the office favourite was Barny, with Millie and Oscar achieving second and third place respectively.

"Whilst the more traditional names such as Patch, Bess and Fly were still suggested, what was interesting is that more modern names such as Ziggy, Guss, Hunter, Cleo, Zeus and even Rainbow Dash are now on trend," said Nina Oxley, marketing manager for H&H Insurance Brokers.

"The Border Collie, the word 'collie' meaning 'useful' in Gaelic, is a breed which is invaluable to many farmers and to many of our customers. Considered to be the world's premier sheepherding dog, Border Collies have worked with and helped shepherds around the border area of England and Scotland for hundreds of years, so we felt that choosing a Collie for our campaign really was truly fitting."

For generations of farmers, the naming of their working Collie dog has been very important.

To ensure that the dog will work well under direction and at a distance, there are many considerations that need to be taken into account, so the name needs to:

  • Be short - preferably one or two syllables
  • Be easily recognisable
  • Not sound like any other within the family or close friends
  • Not sound like any commands - as confusion will arise!