Farmers and stable owners can find out more about the ultimate in rodent control when Cats Protection visits the Your Horse Live event on November 9-11 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

Horse and cat lovers alike are welcome to visit the charity's stand to learn more about the environmentally-friendly vermin control offered by feral cats when homed at stables, smallholdings and farms.

Cats Protection, the UK’s largest cat charity, is always looking for outdoor homes for feral cats – those which were never properly socialised as kittens and cannot be homed in a domestic setting.

Provided with shelter, regular food and water, ferals are happiest to be kept outdoors at farms, stables or smallholdings, where they will keep rodents at bay.

Cats Protection's events manager Emma Osborne said: “Feral cats are exceptionally efficient when it comes to controlling pests and often just their presence alone is enough to keep rats and mice away. What’s even better is that the vermin control offered by cats is 100% organic and environmentally-friendly.

“We have many feral cats in our care that would be ideal for a working home where they can lead an independent life in a safe and secure setting. Not only will they work their socks off to keep pests at bay, they can also be very entertaining pets and many owners comment on how much enjoyment they get from watching the antics of their feral cats.

“Although some ferals can become semi-tame, they will never crave or need the companionship of people or an indoor home, and don’t miss the luxuries that domestic cats enjoy. However, while they are perfectly content to live outdoors, they will need to be provided with food, shelter, water and veterinary care.”