A family-run farm in Somerset has diversified by launching a new eco-toilet business.

Gilcombe Farm in Bruton, which hosts music festivals Shindig and Farmfest, has been supported by HSBC UK to build 400 chemical and water-free eco-toilets to use on-site.

Owners George and Andrew Portch have also acquired a number of flatbed trailers to transport the toilet blocks to other festivals across the UK, including Shambala and Field Trip. The new business has enabled the duo to recruit two full-time members of staff.

George Portch, co-owner of Gilcombe Farm, said: “There’s an increasing demand for eco-friendly facilities at festivals and HSBC UK’s support has enabled us to tap into this expanding market. We’re delighted that our Agriculture Manager Matt Clapp has helped to make the process very smooth and we hope to see this project grow as demand increases.”

Euryn Jones of HSBC UK said: “Andrew and George Portch are innovative business owners who are always looking for creative ways to diversify their offering and we’re delighted to have supported them in this latest venture.”

Gilcombe Farm is a 300-acre family-run organic farm in the heart of Somerset, which also provides catering for festivals across the country using its home-grown organic produce.