One of the best bits of autumn is taking blackberries from the brambles that have taunted, and likely drawn blood from you, for the rest of the year!

Their delicious flavour, tart but full, is perfect for jam and it’s so simple to make.

1. Put the blackberries in a heavy based pan with lemon juice. As a guide, a kilogram of fruit needs the juice of two lemons so work up and down from that.

2. Cook gently over a low heat until the berries are soft.

3. Depending on personal preference, squash some of the berries to release more juice but leave some whole.

4. Add the same weight of jam sugar as the fruit weighed and stir until dissolved.

5. Once the sugar has dissolved increase the heat until the jam is at a rolling boil.

6. After ten minutes check for setting point, whether by using a cold saucer or thermometer.

7. When it has reached setting point, decant into sterilised jars.

8. Enjoy the taste and memories of late summer in the depths of winter!