We're just floating an idea about corks past you here...excuse the pun.

This is fiddly but you get faster as you go on. The result is really cute and cool tiny containers for houseleeks, the trend of the year.

Carefully hollow out corks using a small knife and screwdriver. Only go halfway down. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just enough to allow a small amount of compost and thin roots.

Fill with potting compost and plant with a baby houseleek. Hey presto – a tiny work of art.

From here you get as creative as you want to. Gluing a magnet on the side of the corks provides a way of positioning them on metal surfaces around the house. Gluing the corks together can make a unique sculpture of an arrangement that won’t tumble apart if you sneeze too close or you can wire them into an arrangement suspended from the ceiling.

Watering is a dainty business and best done either with a pipette or by placing a straw in water then putting your thumb over the top opening, therefore holding the water, before releasing it into the pot.

If you make these or have made any other unusual plant containers, we’d love to see them. Email pics to editorial@smallholder.co.uk or post to Facebook @Smallholder or to Twitter @SmallholderMag.