Chickens are getting their very own Star Trek style automatic sliding doors to let them out in the morning and lock them up at night.

Omlet is celebrating #StarTrekDay on the September 8 by announcing the launch of the automatic chicken coop door opener.

In homage to Star Trek, designers created a model of the starship Enterprise and filled it with chickens wearing the iconic uniforms of Captain Kirk, Scotty, Bones and of course, Spock. In a short film, the crew of chickens are seen hurtling towards the foxes' home planet… Earth! Captain issues instructions to prepare for an exploration of the planet, there is frantic communication, buttons are pressed and finally a clever new addition to the Henterprise, the new autodoor.

Omlet’s head of video production Danny Macgregor said: “We were hoping to catch the humour behind the idea that the chickens are living a totally make-believe life away from human's eyes. The autodoor is such an advanced product for a chicken coop it seemed obvious to spend two weeks building a replica of the Enterprise out of cardboard, sewing mini uniforms and rapidly prototyping chicken sized spock ears to create the launch video. I don't think that it’s been done before and we hope Trekkies will love this homage to the show!”

The autodoor attaches to all wooden chicken coops and can be set to open according to light levels or a timer.

And as a final nod to Star Trek there's a reward right at the end of the film for real Trekkies when it's revealed that not only are Vulcans telepathic but they can lay eggs as well.

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