Incredible Edible is a network of groups throughout the UK and beyond that encourages people to grow food, no matter where they live.

From its inception in 2007, Incredible Edible sought to show how ordinary people can transform their own landscapes and turned disused plots into abundant sources of healthy food.

It began in Todmorden and other towns soon followed suit. Now there are community gardens in housing associations, town squares, pubs, and even castles.

Through the last ten years the network has grown and there are groups that have pulled together in times of hardship such as floods or partnering with food banks. Like the founders say, "Ask not what your town can do for you, but what you can do for your town!"

Incredible Edible recommends the following ways to get people growing and smiling:

If groups are not really your thing, the real power of our movement is in kindness - smile and say hello - kindness is contagious!

Plant some edibles by a bus stop, tow path, disused cemetery, anywhere that needs some TLC

Open up your garden to the public and grow edibles. Add a ‘Help Yourself’ sign – it works!

Treasure all that is good and shop locally

Source your food from the nearest farm, bakery, dairy that you can, within 30 miles is good

Put a library in your train station with free books or adopt a disused red phone box and fill it full of books

Throw some seed bombs into disused land

Pick up a piece or two of litter, its good exercise and sets a fine example to others

Arrange a seed swap or welly walk

Let your children climb a tree, get muddy, eat dirt! (we take no liability for these!)

Schools and learning places really need help to encourage children to grow, can you offer them help?

You might already be promoting local business and growing local food under your own organisation’s banner, encourage others to do the same

Most Incredible Edible groups will snap up any skills on offer and if you've a lot or a little to offer there is normally something for every to do

You don’t have to go large to set up an Incredible Edible group. If there is not already one in your area, you could start with your own village or street or even with just some neighbours. It's enthusiasm and commitment to the ethos that’s important.

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