One of the most common causes of serious and fatal injuries in agriculture involves moving and overturning vehicles.

As bigger and more complex farm machinery and equipment becomes more prevalent on farms the Health and Safety Executive is placing greater emphasis on safety when it comes to on-farm transport and delivery, to reduce the risk of accident, damage and harm to business reputation.

Consequently NWF Agriculture has made a substantial investment in its fleet with the purchase of three high-tech trailers that do not need tipping.

This reduces risk and ensures safe delivery on farm for both farming customers and the company's drivers.

Sourced from Muldoon the non-tip (NT) bulk blowers mean the trailer is less likely to hit overhead electricity cables, nearby buildings and there is a reduced risk of the vehicle becoming unstable compared to trailers that must fully extend.

The NT trailer can unload compartments in any order, allowing planning of loads to be simplified and efficient.

Most importantly it is safer and more versatile as completely level ground is not required when unloading.

Two of the trailers will be operating from the NWF Agriculture Wardle production site in Cheshire and the other will run from its production site in Wixland, Devon. .

Director Justin Muldoon said; “The new Muldoon NT series has been developed without compromise and will certainly turn heads having innovation running through the heart of it. The first of its kind, the NT trailer can deliver products such as animal feed or wood pellets without the requirement for tipping, a new concept that will transform the industry.”

Rob Warrington, supply chain director at NWF Agriculture, said: “The danger surrounding tipping on farms has been a constant fear for operators and this has become more evident over the past few years, so we’re extremely pleased to be adding a transport option that is addressing safety on-farm. With its superior design, efficiency and safety, the NT trailer is really expected to excel.”