The sheep farmers in the video were shortlisted for Sheep Farmer of the Year in the South West Farmer Awards 2017.

All share passion and dedication for their work.

Campbell Hill of South Treviddo Farm has 650 breeding ewes and he says that sheep farming "is a way of life I wouldn't change for anything else."

Ryan Came-Johnson and Steve Penberthy of Trevithick Farm raise 100 per cent grassfed lamb for chefs and the public.

Ryan says, "I love seeing healthy stock out in the fields."

Winner of the 2017 award Peregrine Aubrey of Eastergrounds Farm breeds high performing dual purpose sheep for commercial sheep farmers.

He is proud of the quality of his stock and describes the life by saying, "a farmer is thinking about his work and what he has to do seven days a week, from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed."  

They are model examples of sheep farming that is being undertaken 365 days a year throughout the south west. 

We want to pay tribute to our sheep farmers and need you to help us shine a light on their hard work, commitment and excellence.

Please take a minute to nominate a Sheep Farmer of the Year so that we can do exactly that.