A nationwide roadshow on responsible sheep scab control is hosting a session in Launceston.

Bimeda UK welcomes farmers, vets, SQPs and all with an interest in sheep health, welfare and productivity to attend.

The event will feature different speakers who are all experts in the area of sheep scab control. They will discuss the sheep scab parasite and disease, control options including mobile plunge dipping contractors, an update on resistance to sheep scab treatments and will provide a forum for all attending to share ideas and unite on sheep scab control. They include:

• Peter Bates (Specialist veterinary entomologist)

• Lesley Stubbings (Independent sheep consultant)

• Neil Fell (nationwide mobile plunge dipping contractor)

• Rachel Mallet (Bimeda veterinary technical services manager)

The event will taker place on August 1 from 11:30am at Launceston Rugby Club, Cornwall. To attend RSVP with name, email and number by July 18 to dmead@bimeda.com.