The RSPCA and a specialist fire and rescue service crew were called to a field in Liverpool to free a calf who got his head stuck in a metal feeder.

The animal welfare charity was contacted by a member of the public who spotted the stricken calf in a field just off a public footpath near Knowsley Industrial Estate on the evening of April 30.

RSPCA animal welfare officer David Hatton went along to check on the calf’s welfare.

He said: “The calf had his head well and truly stuck between the metal bars of the feeder and the mother was there so I wasn’t able to free him alone in the dark.

“He was kicking out and moving around so was clearly uncomfortable and distressed. I needed to get him out.

“I called Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service for assistance and they sent a crew who called in a specialist team from Croxteth. The crew used a hydraulic cutter to carefully cut the bars and free the calf without scaring him or mum.”

One fire engine and the search and rescue team attended and the whole rescue missing took around an hour. Thankfully the calf wasn’t injured and trotted off to re-join his mother and the rest of the herd.