As tenants of the National Trust at Parke Estate, Bovey Tracey, the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) shares the same beautiful environment. Recently the two organisations helped each other in a perfect example of partnership working and recycling.

The wood generated from clearing the estate was given to DPHT in the form of chippings which topped up the surface of its corral.

Mick Jones, countryside manager for the National Trust said: “On the Parke Estate we generate quite a lot of wood from trees that have fallen across tracks and have to be cleared; or from our estate conservation work such as hedge laying and coppicing. It’s through this work that we are helping to develop wildlife habitats and protect the historic features of Parke.”

“We use larger wood for things such as our office wood-burner but the smaller material has always posed a problem especially as we like to avoid having bonfires around the estate as they can damage soils and leave unsightly scars. Because of this so we tend to chip it all but then what do we do with it?"

Judy Fawcett, chairman of the DPHT said: “We are extremely grateful to the National Trust team of staff and volunteers who brought wood chip from around the parkland, to top up the surface of our corral.

“We have been able to put the chippings to good use and without cost, and saved time for the Trust by enabling them to dispose of the chippings in one place. Our corral is used for the ponies to relax and roll in and sometimes for our students to learn their pony handling skills. This is the perfect example of sharing resources and ‘recycling’ materials that may be ‘waste’ for one and ‘just right’ for another.”