One thousand varieties of daffodil have been grown on a farm in Cornwall.

From this crop Waitrose have chosen to create a 'Daffodil Surprise' bouquet, so named because the unusual sizes, colours, scents and shapes of daffodils will not be revealed until the buds have flowered.

Of the 30 stems included in the bunch, up to 20 could be different varieties. The varieties are so rare that many have not been stocked in a supermarket before and could be even be pink in colour rather than the traditional yellow.

Emma Coupe, Waitrose Horticulture buying manager said: "For me, daffodils are the most optimistic of flowers. They’re the first and brightest sign that spring is on its way. We love the element of surprise that this new bunch brings. Whilst in bud the flowers all look the same so not even our growers will know what they've picked for our shoppers. Each bouquet will be unique.

"The thousand special varieties will mature at different speeds so the bunch could contain eye catching pink, apricot or white daffodils and some doubles and multi headed ones too."

The crop has been grown at Greenyard Flowers in Penzance. Grower Chris May said: “We’re biased, of course, but the ones we’ve tested and opened in vases have been absolutely staggering. Most people will never have seen colours of daffodils like this before, then you’ve got all the different forms, scents and sizes. Varieties include Delnashaugh, Boslowick and Amstel, with my personal favourites being Night Music and Bosbigal.”

The daffodils are accredited with the LEAF Marque- a farm assurance system, ensuring that they are grown sustainably with care for the environment. A minimum of 40% of the flowers stocked by Waitrose all year round are grown in Britain.