The cost of the UK’s rural crime reached £39.2m last year and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are one of the top targeted items for thieves.

ATVs are commonly used by owners of larger smallholdings due to their ability to tackle any terrain and move heavy items with ease. If an ATV is stolen, the loss can potentially affect how the smallholding business runs effectively on a day to day basis.

This has led to owners becoming more security conscious and investing in measures to prevent the theft or at least to have the vehicle traced and returned if it is stolen.

Paul Wood of BRP offered this advice on keeping an ATV secure.

• When purchasing an ATV ensure that the dealership fits a tracker system.

• Record the serial numbers of your vehicles and machinery to help identify vehicles if one is stolen.

• Light the right places around your land, in particular the tool shed, any fuel tanks and outbuildings. Install motion sensor lights that automatically illuminate areas if movement is detected.

• Report all incidents of theft and any suspicious behaviour to the police so they are aware and can investigate.

• Store vehicles out of sight and weld a metal cover over the hasp to protect the building’s padlocks from bolt cutters.

• Lock storage areas with padlocks, hasps and deadbolts.

• Regularly prune any trees or shrubbery that may potentially block light sources.

• Regularly check spots that are in permanent darkness as well as vulnerable areas such as gates, fences and doors that could be damaged and may need fixing or replacing.

• Do not leave ATVs outside when you have finished with them. Remove the keys and place somewhere out of view in the house.