The fastest tractor in the world, created by Matt LeBlanc and the Top Gear team and driven to a record breaking 87.2mph by the Stig, has roared into World of Top Gear at Beaulieu.

Named the Track-Tor for its road-burning performance, the awesome 500bhp machine proved that tractors really don’t have to be slow.

Top Gear has set a new Guinness World Record to become the fastest tractor in the world, beating the previous record of 80.87mph set in Finland in 2015.

South West Farmer:

Now Beaulieu visitors can see up-close just what happens when the motoring show aims to revolutionise the world of agricultural machinery.

Matt LeBlanc is a huge tractor fan and owns four of his own tractors. Turning his attention to the problem of these slow-moving vehicles holding up traffic, he decided that speed and power were essential and his custom engineering solution is impressive.

South West Farmer:

A 5.7-litre small block Chevy V8 engine, producing a colossal 500bhp, ensures that the Track-Tor can be driven fast both in the fields and on the road. Huge 54-inch Super Swamper Bogger tyres from America are fitted to the rear wheels, while adjustable air suspension means that the whole machine can be raised to increase ground clearance.

While a normal tractor only has brakes on the rear wheels, the Track-Tor has them on all four, while a split hydraulic handbrake allows each rear wheel to be braked independently, which is ideal for off-road tomfoolery. LED lights from an Ariel Atom and bright orange Lamborghini-inspired paintwork are complemented by Matt’s wacky extras, including a rotating boot-cleaning brush, barometer and rack to accommodate wellies and spades.

South West Farmer:

The Top Gear team put the Track-Tor through a series of demanding challenges and were impressed by its turn of speed and off-road capability. Unfortunately, when the Stig got hold of it, the Track-Tor was used to disrupt the filming of an episode of Countryfile, soaking presenter Ellie Harrison and drowning out presenter John Craven’s piece-to-camera in the process.