With the 2018 World Cup this summer in Russia, it seems like the timing couldn’t have been any better for the Groundscare team at Flemings to get in on the action.

With a dedicated export manager appointed in 2016 and the announcement of the Groundscare division in 2017 it was a great opportunity to have both departments work together and have now successfully sent trailers and land rollers to Russia for the pitch preparation for the 2018 World Cup.

Both Connie Burns, export manager, and John Fleming, Groundscare manager, have a keen interest in sports. Connie recently retiring from ladies football having played with John Moores University, Newry City Ladies and finishing with Armagh City Ladies in 2016. John became a world champion in Brazilian Ju Jitsu in Las Vegas in 2017 and has high aspirations to reach the same level again in the Purple Belt Division.

Having previously supplied machines for football clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Wembley Stadium via an extensive network of dealers, to supply machines for one of the biggest sporting competitions is another great ‘claim to fame’ and the ultimate bragging rights to both Connie, John and everyone at Flemings for the duration of the tournament.

Connie is particularly looking forward to the games saying: “I love the build up to the matches, I enjoy the banter with my old football team mates and I usually end up pulling the underdog from the sweep, this year I’m hoping to get Iceland.”

With both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland sadly not qualifying it’s good to know that whilst we won’t be flying anygGreen and white flags this year there are 110 people in the Fleming factory cheering on the blue and yellow trailers and land rollers currently making their way to Russia on time for kick off!

To take a look at the full Fleming Agri and Groundscare range visit fleming-agri.co.uk.