An urgent campaign has been launched to find homes for 200 chickens destined for the slaughter lorry.

The British Hen Welfare Trust is holding re-homings in Liskeard and Redruth on Saturday March 17 where hundreds of hens will be hoping to start their free range retirement in loving homes across Cornwall.

The hens are 18 months old and have been working hard laying eggs for supermarkets to sell or to be put in processed foods like cakes and quiches.

Many of the hens are currently left without a home to go to and the charity is asking anyone who can provide a new lease of life to get in touch before Friday March 16.

Candy Frankham, the charity’s Liskeard co-ordinator, said: “Spring is just around the corner so it’s a great time to give some hens a loving home and watch them settle whilst you’re out in the garden.

“Please contact the British Hen Welfare Trust and register for some lovely ladies. Let’s do our best to save them all!”

The British Hen Welfare Trust is well-known for its pioneering work in re-homing commercial laying hens and, through its nationwide

Anyone interested in giving some hens a second chance is urged to register on the charity's website and then call 01884 860084.

Please note that hens need to be reserved in advance of the re-homing day and, whilst the feel good factor of saving these hens from slaughter comes free of charge, the charity asks for a donation to help cover its costs.