An extra clucky hen has escaped death after falling off the back of a slaughter lorry and ending up at the British Hen Welfare Trust headquarters.

Snowy was found shivering under a hedge in North Devon but was picked up by a kind-hearted member of the public who then called the charity, based nearby in Rose Ash, to see if they could help.

The charity re-homes thousands of commercial hens across the country each year, but is rarely asked to help one individual commercial hen. However charity founder Jane Howorth MBE couldn’t turn her away.

Snowy arrived still shivering but soon settled when her feet touched soft carpet and her body felt warmth from a nearby radiator. A tickle under the chin led to her quietly clucking to let everyone know she was feeling happier and safe.

The hen most likely came from a local farm for barn hens, meaning she could have ended up being turned into chicken pie or sale for sale on a supermarket shelf.

However she is now living a life of luxury and has access to soft grass, fresh air and plenty of treats.

Ms Howorth said: “I must thank the kind lady who picked up Snowy when so many others would have passed her by. She has no idea how lucky she is but will now be very spoilt in my home!”

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