The NFU’s Next Generation Forum has presented Secretary of State Michael Gove the latest NFU report on a framework for success for a domestic agricultural policy post-Brexit.

The forum chairman Richard Bower said the meeting at Defra was an excellent opportunity to underline the importance of volatility mitigation measures that would allow farmers to operate and invest with greater certainty directly to the Secretary of State.

Mr Bower said: "Taking ownership of an agricultural policy is the biggest opportunity that British farming has had for more than four decades. Discussing this with Michael Gove was an opportunity that the NFU Next Generation forum relished.

“What we outline in the latest report on a framework for success is our ambitions for where the nation needs farming to be in order to deliver more high quality British food to citizens, care for our countryside and contribute to the economy.

“In the meeting we focused on the importance of volatility mitigation measures as part of a future policy. This would allow farmers to operate and invest with greater certainty. This in turn would promote productivity as farmers can plan, invest and innovate with greater confidence and ensure that we can continue to deliver the environmental and welfare standards British citizens expect from their farmers.

“The impact of Brexit - be that positive or negative - will be felt most by the next generation of British farmers; that’s why it’s so important that our forum, and any other young farmer, has a voice in the Government’s Brexit negotiations. We are keen to grasp the opportunity Brexit presents and ensure a healthy and vibrant future for farming.”

Environment secretary Michael Gove said: “I was delighted to meet members of the NFU’s Next Generation Forum yesterday, as an organisation who play an incredibly valuable role in helping us develop future agricultural policy.

“I am determined to do all I can to help our farmers take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead and I look forward to working closely with the NFU and all our young farmers as we develop a bold new approach outside the EU.”