Devon farmer Eric Gillbard has just taken delivery of a lorry load of British-made compound fertiliser which he won in a competition organised by CF Fertilisers and South West Farmer newspaper.

“This is the first time that I have ever won anything in my life, and so it took a while to sink in,” says Eric says, who admits that the news came as a nice surprise and was very well timed.

“When I listened to the message on my answerphone from someone who said that I’d won a prize and asked me to call them back I just didn’t believe it. I remembered entering the spot-the-blue-bags competition in South West Farmer while having breakfast one morning, but didn’t bother getting back to them because I thought it must be some sort of hoax.”

“Then they called again when I was in and told me that, yes, I really had won 10 tonnes of CF MultiCut Sulphur.”

Julie Edwards, head of communications for Eric’s local CF Fertiliser distributor Mole Valley Farmers, says the organisation is delighted one of their customers has won.

“Fertiliser is a valuable input, especially at this time of year, so it couldn't be better timed for Eric's business.”

Having rented Raddon Barton Farm, Thorverton near Exeter for 20 years, Eric purchased the property in 2010 and, with the help of his son Thomas, now farms 300 acres of his own plus a further 200 acres which are rented.

Of the total, 400 acres are into grass which supports a herd of 60 continental cross suckler cows, together with a flock of 1200 breeding sheep, everything being fattened on the farm.

Eric also grows 100 acres of winter and spring barley, some of which is crimped and fed to the livestock, plus 100 acres of kale and stubble turnips and catch crops which are drilled into winter barley stubbles on rented land.

CF MultiCut Sulphur 23-4-13 (7SO3) is a complete true granular compound for use as an all-season high-Nitrogen/high-Potash product which is ideal for multiple cuts of grass silage with low Phosphate content to help maintain soil P and K status.

It is also a very flexible grade for winter and spring sown arable crops where high Potash/low Phosphate applications are required to balance soil nutrient supply. The addition of Sulphur enhances crop yield and quality in Sulphur-deficient situations.

CF Heartland Sulphur 24-8-8 (8SO3) is also a complete true granular compound which ensures even application of all nutrients across the whole spreader bout width, optimises nutrient use efficiency and maximises crop response.

The product offers flexible NPKS applications for cereals, oilseed rape and grass silages which require P, K and S, reduces the autumn workload and potentially lowers fertiliser application costs.

“Winning the CF MultiCut Sulphur was ideal because I was just about to order some fertiliser for grassland that had just been cut for silage,” Eric explains.

“I was so pleased when they told me, that I ordered an additional 18 tonnes of CF Heartland Sulphur to make up the lorry load which was delivered by my local CF Fertilisers distributor, Mole Valley Farmers, of which I am a member. That will be used on cover crops this autumn and barley in the spring.”

CF Fertilisers’ iconic blue bags are instantly recognised by farmers throughout the UK and the products which they contain are the product of constant development and manufacturing innovation to ensure that they remain the nation’s favorite.

Over recent years, the company has played a leading role in promoting environmentally responsible fertiliser use, reduced its carbon footprint and conducted numerous trials to ensure that growers get the best out of its products.