A seven-year-old girl from Truro has become one of the country's youngest fundraisers, after raising £1,000 to save hens from slaughter.

Evie Walker raised the money for the British Hen Welfare Trust, and has supported the charity since adopting eight hens 18-months ago.

She tried many tactics to raise money, but struck gold when she started selling painted wooden chickens.

In total she has now raised £1,000 for the charity, which will help save hundreds of hens from slaughter.

To begin with, Evie raised cash by selling surplus eggs, and would send the money to the charity whenever she hit her targets.

Then, when she realised what a difference the money could make, she became determined to raise more.

She started painting wooden chickens, and sold the first one to her grandad for £20.

Her mum, Sarah Walker, said: "Evie loved counting the money she raised from the sale of the eggs and would send it to the BHWT every time she hit her mini target of £50.

"Evie decided she wanted to do more for the charity and set about thinking of ways to do this.

"One morning when I went to the chicken house to let out Evie’s hens, I discovered that one of her beloved hens, Pippa, had passed away in the night.

"Evie was distraught but we had a little chat and Evie was inspired to make some special edition hens to celebrate Pippa’s life. She limited the amount to just 10.

“Each hen was mounted on a blue wooden heart and each hen was a different rainbow colour to mark Pippa’s passing to the Rainbow Bridge.

"Evie raised over £100 from the sale of her “Pippa hearts” and she was pleased that Pippa’s passing had directly helped other hens.”