With Pancake Day nearly upon us the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) is encouraging the nation to flip free range pancakes across the country between February 24 and 28.

The BHWT are urging pancake lovers to remember that eggs are an essential part of pancake day, as not only do they go in the batter but also contribute to other products.

They suggest organising a pancake morning for your friends, whilst accepting donations to help the charity.

Francesca Taffs, communications and marketing officer for the BHWT, said: "We want Pancake Day to be about celebrating the wonderful ingredients which go into them as well as eating them.

"Please buy free range eggs this Pancake Day and also be aware that eggs are also used in processed products such as pre-bought pancake mix.

"As a general rule, if it doesn’t say free range in the ingredients then the eggs used in those products will be from caged hens.

“Thank you to everyone who has fundraised for us so far and if you haven’t already done so then now is the perfect time.

"What could be easier than eating hot, fluffy pancakes in order to save the lives of more hens.”

People can order a free fundraising pack by emailing email fundraise@bhwt.co.uk, or by calling the charity on 01884 860084.