Thibault and Erica from the Kimpton Fitzroy London team have been crowned the winners of Bake Off: The Professionals.

They fended off competition from the Pennyhill Park and South Place Hotel teams over two complex patisserie challenges stretching across 11 hours.

The three teams were given four hours to create an afternoon tea and seven hours to create a wedding feast worthy of judges Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden.

Kimpton Fitzroy London team leader Thibault
Kimpton Fitzroy London team leader Thibault (Channel 4/PA)

Hosted by former Bake Off contestant Liam Charles and stand-up comedian Tom Allen, the final saw Thibault, 26, and Erica, 28, come out top after 12 teams were whittled down to three.

Team captain Thibault said the contest had pushed him to his limit as a baker.

“It was an incredible moment, we were so proud of what we had achieved as a team, and I still can’t believe that we won this competition,” he said after his win.

“This was the hardest competition we have been in, so it was made all the more special when we did win.

“Erica and I complement each other, because every time I am stressing she keeps me calm and focused on what we do.

Erica and Thibault
Erica and Thibault triumphed (Channel 4/PA)

“And when she is not so confident about what she is doing I encourage her. We are friends outside of work as well, and when there is a good relationship that helps in the patisserie shorthand.

“We always wanted to push ourselves and be the best from week one.

“After we won all the other teams congratulated us, so although we were all competitors we became good friends throughout the competition. It was an amazing experience.”

Daniel Healey, who manages the Kimpton Fitzroy London hotel in Bloomsbury, said: “A huge congratulations to Thibault and Erica for their brilliant result in this year’s Bake Off: The Professionals.

“We’re so delighted for them, and have been closely following their progress from the beginning and are thrilled that their incredible talents have been recognised on the show.”

Chloe Avery, who produced the series, said: “Thibault and Erica have always had one of the strongest team dynamics – they are great friends and this has enabled them to thrive in this competition.

“Their afternoon tea combined adventurous flavours and flawless finishes.

“Their wedding feast was striking, romantic and one of their desserts in particular took the judges’ breath away. Together they have undoubtedly raised the bar of the competition.”