Get ready for maize harvesting with Advance Maize Silage Inoculant - buy nine pots get 10th pot FREE

Get more from what they grow at maize harvesting by using Advance Maize Silage Inoculant. If you buy nine pots of Advance Maize you get the 10th pot FREE. Micron Bio-Systems have nationwide distributors with stock ready to despatch by express delivery.

Advance Maize is a crop-specific silage inoculant offering exceptional quality and value in forage conservation technology. The inoculant, from Micron Bio-Systems, combines four key components to optimise the feed value, preservation and stability of maize silage.

Advance Maize is the only silage inoculant on the market that features a unique enzyme pack that includes Xylanases and Cellulases to match crop structure. These enzymes unlock the energy from plant fibres and significantly increase digestibility of forage.

South West Farmer:

Why to use Advance Maize

• Improves silage quality

• Increases digestible NDF and crude protein for more energy

• Reduces dry matter losses, minimising nutrient loss • Inhibits mould formation reducing mycotoxin risk

• Easy to mix and apply

• Approved for use in Organic Systems by OF&G

Trialled and Tested

Advance Maize UK farm trials indicate reduced dry matter losses, increased crude protein and increased digestible NDF (dNDF).

Maize silage treated with Advance Maize has 0.81MJ of extra energy per kilo of dry matter compared to untreated maize silage.

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