Oliver Seeds is set to showcase a highly productive and persistent mixtures of seeds at their stand at Grassland and Muck 2017.

Landmark Extreme is a mixture of seeds designed for cutting or grazing on adverse sites.

Central to the product are the festuloliums Lofa and Fojtan, aided by deep rooting and persistent cultivars of cocksfoot and meadow fescue, which can survive testing conditions, be it drought or waterlogging.

The only perennial ryegrass in the mixture is a late tetraploid called Caspect, and Winnetou timothy is also included.

Rod Bonshor, general manager at Oliver Seeds, said: "It is important to consider what will grow, perform and persist in less than ideal conditions these days.

“Sometimes ryegrass alone won’t meet the needs of the field and variable climate.

"Including other species within the mixture helps out when situations get tough.

“Landmark Extreme is flexible, forgiving and shows excellent summer potential from all the species.

“The ryegrass has good rust resistance and high feed quality and Donata cocksfoot is a new soft leaved type that is more palatable to stock than some leading perennial ryegrass varieties. Each species adds something to the resulting ley.”

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