Lifesaving medical equipment has been installed outside the offices of a leading South West insurer.

Cornish Mutual has unveiled a defibrillator at its Truro headquarters after a group of workers learned about the crucial support the equipment can give to someone suffering from a sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Linking up with Truro Lions Club, which has been campaigning to bring a collection of defibrillators to the city for the past three years, the new equipment was installed at the Cornish Mutual Newham Road building.

The newly unveiled defibrillator is also the first 24-hour iPAD Automated External (AED) equipment available in Truro, offering rapid emergency care whatever time of the day or night.

Claire Longman, technical leader at Cornish Mutual, said: "It is good for Cornish Mutual, our staff and the community to have such a vital piece of equipment here to be used whenever it is needed.

“Cornish Mutual is dedicated to supporting the local community with many staff involved with charity events and fundraising activities across the South West and although we hope it will never need to be used, it is a comfort to know that the defibrillator is here in case of a medical emergency.”

Claire added that Cornish Mutual entirely funded the new defibrillator with staff also signed up to take part in a Truro BID training course to learn more about the equipment and how to use it.

Researching the many different defibrillators on the market, Cornish Mutual met up with the Truro Lions Club, ran by Keith Wellington, an organisation passionate about placing as many of the lifesaving machines in busy places as possible.

Keith began his defibrillator campaign in 2013, and since then has installed 40 lifesaving machines, far exceeding the original goal of five.

He said: "We cannot thank the Cornish Mutual team enough for their support with our campaign.

"Having a defibrillator available 24 hours a day means people can receive potentially lifesaving support whenever they need it.

"Figures show that using a defibrillator when someone suffers a cardiac arrest massively increases their chance of survival.

“The support of organisations like Cornish Mutual really does save lives and the joy our efforts bring to the people we help is phenomenal.”