The Crop Protection Association have issued a statement in response to the European Chemicals Agency classification of glyphosate as 'non carcinogenic'.

Sarah Mukherjee, CPA chief executive, said: "Glyphosate is, and always has been safe.

"This ruling is another reminder this debate has never really been about safety, it has been hijacked and politicised to force a wider debate on modern agriculture.

"It’s right that we’re having that debate, but it’s wrong to use health scares to get there.

“Glyphosate is an essential part of the farmer’s toolkit, helping them to tackle pests and produce healthy and safe food.

"Over 40 years of robust scientific evidence, supported by one of the most extensive human health, crop residue and environmental databases ever compiled on any pesticide shows no risk to safety, clearly the commission should reauthorise glyphosate for the standard 15 year period.”