Genus ABS have announced the launch of their unique BeefAdvantage trait, which for the first time ever provides dairy farmers with a financial value that each proven beef sire offers.

Over the past 40 years Genus ABS have tested more than 500 beef sires to provide dairy farmers with greater confidence on how sires perform when crossed with dairy cows.

With a required 120 calvings across 60 hers for a sire to reach proven status, they have collected over one hundred thousands records on calving ease, gestation length, calf conformation and calf survivability.

Taking into account current economic values and calf prices these records provide the foundations for Beef Advantage.

Mark Smith, EMEA beef director, said: "Using our proprietary Genus ABS Beef Calving Survey information and current industry economics, we have calculated a financial figure that demonstrates the additional profit that can be achieved from using our best proven beef sires compared to the average beef bull that has been tested within our programme.

"The BeefAdvantage is the additional profit an individual Genus ABS proven beef sires can deliver for our customers compared to the average bull of that breed when crossed on to dairy cows.