Some of the world's largest birds of prey will take centre stage at this years Royal Cornwall Show - as expert falconer Ben Potter is announced as the first of this year's main ring headliners.

Ben will be bringing Barry the bald eagle, Thelma the hooded vulture and Camilla the Steller's sea eagle, among other huge birds that will be flying over the crowds.

Ben has been a falconer since the age of 14, when he worked as a volunteer at a small Yorkshire falconry centre.

Then, ten years ago, at the age of 25, he set up his own business and now travels the length and breadth of the country wowing crowds with his awe-inspiring aerial displays featuring a top array of predators.

Ben said: "I have trained and flown Hawks, Eagles, Vultures, Kites, Buzzards and Falcons, as well as some more unusual birds such as Ravens, Kookaburras, Pelicans, Serimas and even Ospreys.

"I now have about thirty birds which are all free flown every day for nine months of the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

“We concentrate on the natural behaviour of our magnificent birds, and show them doing what they do best - flying free - in the most natural displays of their kind."

Ben and his birds of prey will appear on all three days of the show, which takes place on June 8 - 10.

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