The National Farmers Union (NFU) have expressed their disappointment in the Department for Transport's (DfT) decision to halt increases to tractor and trailer weight distribution.

They say the decision will hinder farm efficiency and competitiveness, and so the NFU are calling on the DfT to explain the reasoning behind this decision.

Mike Hambly, NFU crops board chairman, said the group will continue to push the DfT to increase weight regulation.

Mike said: "The NFU, with the crops board,has worked effectively with the DfT for many years on updating decades-old regulation on tractor and trailer weights and speeds, making progress in moving to 31 tonnes and 40kph.

"DfT's announcement has put vital profess on this regulation in jeopardy.

"Farmers across the country are being held back by regulation that does not reflect the capabilities of modern machinery and does not allow farmers to use it to its full efficiency.

"Weight restrictions for tractors and trailers in other countries far surpass our own 31 tonne limit.

"We're put at a competitive disadvantage to countries like Germany and France who benefit from 40 and 38 tonne limits respectively.

"The NFU will keep up the pressure for enabling regulation for the farming sector, and tractor and trailer weights and speeds regulation is a core part of this work.

"We remain committed to understanding why Phase 2 has been halted with DfT and will report back to members on the action we propose to take."